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DECnet-Plus for OpenVMS
Network Management

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Object database
Object numbers
    for applications
OpenVMS Cluster
        adding to namespace
        controlling connections to
        controlling maximum connections to
    configuring multiple aliases
    end node
    multiple aliases
    nsp maximum transport connections characteristics
    router on LAN
        load assist agent
        setting up the mop client for
        using MOP
    sharing network applications in
    use of an alias #1
    use of an alias #2
OSAK addresses
OSAK database
OSAK software, working system
OSI application
    application address
OSI entity
    deleting and recreating
    see also RFC 1006
OSI transport
        for CLNS
    configuring #1
    configuring #2
    configuring CLNS support
    configuring CONS support
    configuring over X.25 CONS
    configuring to use RFC 1006 or RFC 1859
    delay factor
    delay weight
    script example for setting up
        configuring for CLNS
        configuring for CONS
        creating #1
        creating #2
        creating #3
        for CLNS connections
OSI transport delay factor
OSI transport delay weight
OSI transport maximum receive buffers attribute
OSI transport maximum remote nsaps attribute
OSI transport maximum transport connections attribute
OSI transport maximum window attribute
OSI transport over CONS
OSI transport protocol
    disabling use of by session control
OSI transport receiver's window
OSI transport service
OSI transport template
    creating #1
    creating #2
OSI transport template definitions
OSI transport transmit window
Outbound stream
    enabling #1
    enabling #2
    event filters
        example #1
        example #2
        setting up
    managing the connection to an event sink
    modifying characteristics
outgoing alias characteristic
pass command
    event dispatcher, filters #1
    event dispatcher, filters #2
Passive address
    routing initialization
Permitted neighbors entity
Phase IV
        with corresponding DECnet Phase V entities
Phase IV address
    MOP, specifying
Phase IV backward compatibility
    routers that do not support
Phase IV client address
Phase IV client name
Phase IV DECnet object database
Phase IV event logging
Phase IV format
    using end system cache to select
Phase IV host address
Phase IV host name
Phase IV network address
Phase IV node
Phase IV OpenVMS Cluster satellite
Physical layer
    CSMA-CD device
Point-to-point links
    displaying information about
preferred local station address attribute
    HDLC links
preferred window size attribute
    HDLC links
Primary loader
Primary name service
    required for use of NCL
Probe rate #1
Probe rate #2
    synchronous line
Program load request
        setting up a proxy database for
        to applications
        to nodes
    access control
Proxy database
    setting up
Proxy login
    access control
    network applications
Reachable address
    and X.25
    creating with decimal format address prefix #1
    creating with decimal format address prefix #2
    definition of
    features for outbound and filter
Reachable-address table
    after editing NCL scripts
receive buffers attribute
    DDCMP link
    HDLC links
Receive verifier
Reconfiguring a node
Registered node addresses
Registering DECnet Phase V nodes in namespace
Registering Phase IV nodes in namespace
Relayed Phase IV event
Remote acknowledgment time
Remote network data
remove proxy access control
Removing proxy access
Renaming a node
report command
Retransmission timer
retransmit threshold attribute
retransmit timer attribute
    DDCMP link #1
    DDCMP link #2
Reverse address links
Reverse path cache
RFC 1006
    with OSI transport
RFC 1859
    with OSI transport
Rights identifiers
Round-trip delay
    Phase IV backward compatibility not supported
    setting up
    between Phase IV and Phase V areas
    circuit attributes
    initialization passwords
    integrated mode
    over X.25 dynamically-assigned circuits #1
    over X.25 dynamically-assigned circuits #2
    over X.25 static circuits
    probe rate #1
    probe rate #2
    segregated mode
Routing address information
Routing adjacencies
Routing and X.25
    on OpenVMS Alpha
Routing circuits
Routing destination cache
Routing for end systems
    HDLC links
Routing initialization password
    script example for setting up
    setting up
Routing module #1
Routing module #2
Routing module code
Routing type

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