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DECnet-Plus for OpenVMS
Network Management

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Appendix C
Appendix C delay factor and delay weight for NSP and OSI Transport
     C.1     delay factor and delay weight
     C.2     Estimating the Round-Trip Delay
Appendix D
Appendix D decnet_migrate Commands
     D.1     Running decnet_migrate on Your System
    Command 1     collect
    Command 2     convert command
    Command 3     convert dcl_file
    Command 4     convert ncp_file
    Command 5     create ipl_initialization_file
    Command 6     edit
    Command 7     report
    Command 8     show path
Appendix E
Appendix E decnet_register Commands
     E.1     The Command Line Interface
         E.1.1         Running decnet_register on OpenVMS Systems
    Command 9     add
    Command 10     attach
    Command 11     deregister
    Command 12     do
    Command 13     exit
    Command 14     export
    Command 15     import
    Command 16     manage
    Command 17     modify
    Command 18     register
    Command 19     remove
    Command 20     rename
    Command 21     repair
    Command 22     reset
    Command 23     set default
    Command 24     show default
    Command 25     show node
    Command 26     spawn
    Command 27     update
Appendix F
Appendix F Examples of Network Management Tasks
     F.1     Event Dispatcher
     F.2     Session Control Application
     F.3     NSP
     F.4     OSI Transport
     F.5     Routing Initialization Password
     F.6     MOP
Appendix G
Appendix G Using the Console Carrier
     G.1     Using the Console Carrier on OpenVMS Systems
Appendix H
Appendix H Migration Guidelines for VAX P.S.I.
     H.1     Phase IV Databases and DECnet Phase V Entities
         H.1.1         X25 Access
             H.1.1.1             Configuring X25 Access Filters for Use by OSI Transport (VAX Only)
         H.1.2         X25 Client
         H.1.3         X25 Server
         H.1.4         X25 Protocol
         H.1.5         LAPB
         H.1.6         LLC2
         H.1.7         Modem Connect
     H.2     Attribute Mapping
         H.2.1         X25-ACCESS NETWORK Database
         H.2.2         X25-PROTOCOL NETWORK Database
         H.2.3         X25-PROTOCOL DTE Database
         H.2.4         X25-PROTOCOL GROUP Database
         H.2.5         X25-SERVER Database
         H.2.6         X25-SERVER Local Destination Database
         H.2.7         X25-SERVER Remote Destination Database
         H.2.8         LINE Database
         H.2.9         X29-SERVER Database
         H.2.10         X29-SERVER Destination Database
         H.2.11         X.25 Information in the CIRCUIT Database
             H.2.11.1             DLM Outgoing Circuit
             H.2.11.2             DLM Incoming Circuit
             H.2.11.3             DLM PVC Circuit
             H.2.11.4             PVC Circuit for X.25 Application
     H.3     VAX P.S.I. Security
         H.3.1         VAX P.S.I. Security Specific Identifiers
         H.3.2         VAX P.S.I. Security Access Actions
         H.3.3         Database Mapping
             H.3.3.1             The Remote DTE Rights Database
             H.3.3.2             The Access Node Rights Database
             H.3.3.3             The Local DTE Access Control Database
             H.3.3.4             The Remote DTE Access Control Database
             H.3.3.5             The Destination Access Control Database
             H.3.3.6             PVC and Closed User Group Security
Appendix I
Appendix I Network Management Graphical User Interface (NET$MGMT)
     I.1     Network Management Graphical User Interface (NET$MGMT)
     I.2     Rights Required to Run NET$MGMT
     I.3     How to Run NET$MGMT
     I.4     Managing Other DECnet Phase V Nodes
1-1 Entity Naming Hierarchy
1-2 Modem Connect Module
1-3 Entity Hierarchy and the Upper Layers
1-4 Entity Hierarchy and the Lower Layers
4-1 Configuration with Adjacent Areas
4-2 Configuration Requiring Manually Created Interphase Links
4-3 Two Configurations with Multiple Interphase Links
4-4 Single Interphase Link Between Two Subnetworks
4-5 Multiple Interphase Links Between Two Subnetworks
8-1 Modem Connect Entity
8-2 LAN Data Link Entities
8-3 WAN Data Link Entities
8-4 Routing Entity
8-5 nsp Entity
8-6 osi transport Entity
8-7 Sample Multiprotocol Network
8-8 osak Entity
8-9 x25 protocol Entity
8-10 OSI Application Address Model
8-11 X.25 CONS Network
8-12 X.25 CONS Address Translations
8-13 X.121 Address with Four-Digit DNIC and NTN of up to 10 Digits
8-14 X.121 Address with Three-Digit DNIC and NN of up to 10 Digits
8-15 Use of Local Subaddresses
8-16 NSAP Address Structure
8-17 Example Configuration
8-18 Entity Relationships for Outgoing Connections
8-19 Entity Relationships for Incoming Connections
10-1 mop Entity
12-1 Relationship of Outbound Streams and Event Sinks
12-2 Sample Event Dispatching Sequence
12-3 Sequence of Event Filtering
12-4 event dispatcher Entity

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