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DECnet-Plus for OpenVMS
Applications Installation and Advanced Configuration

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Name service
    access features
    search path
    directorypath #1
    directorypath #2
        valid characters in
    management tool
    nickname #1
    nickname #2
        valid characters in
    nodeobject #1
    nodeobject #2
        valid characters in
        DNS version 1
Naming template
    setting up for search path
    support for domain synonyms
    creating site-specific search path script
    modified scripts
    site-specific scripts
    user-defined scripts
    DNA format
    manually configuring
    transport selector field #1
    transport selector field #2
    configuring DECdts portion
    main menu
    menu display
    menu options
net$startup startup script #1
net$startup startup script #2
        manually configuring
    configuring address
Network application
    active association
    called tsels characteristic
    file name characteristic
    passive association
    user name characteristic
Network configuration #1
Network configuration #2
Network Control Language
    See NCL
Network service type
    CLNS #1
    CLNS #2
    CONS #1
    CONS #2
    RFC 1006 #1
    RFC 1006 #2
    RFC 1006 #3
Node name
    valid characters
Node synonym #1
Node synonym #2
    local aliases
Node type
Nondialup line
    using for static asynchronous connection
    address for CLNS
    delay factor characteristic
    delay weight characteristic
    maximum remote nsaps characteristic
NSP transport
    configuring #1
    configuring #2
Null modem cable
OpenVMS Cluster performance monitor
    See VPM
OpenVMS system
    asynchronous connection to non VMS system
    software installation
        process account quotas
    calculating process account quota
OSI applications
    Authorize utility
    AUTOGEN utility
    bill of materials
    CD Reader
        EFT kit location
    configuring OSI applications
    disk space requirement
    distribution kit
    EFT kit location
    files installed
    global pagelets
    global pages
    global sections
        /DESTINATION qualifier
        EFT kit location
        installed files
        notifying users
        /SOURCE qualifier
        time required
    installation procedure
    installation time
    installed files
    kit location
    memory requirements
    notifying users
    online release notes
    POLYCENTER Software Installation Utility
    post-installation tasks
        configure OSI applications
        accessing the release notes
        disk space requirements
        distribution kit
        log in to privileged account
        notifying users
    prerequisite information
        required hardware
        required software
        synchronous interface card
    process account quotas
    product description
    release notes
        extracting to a file
    required hardware
    required privileges
    required software
    software product description
    software required
    system parameters
        changing manually
    System Support Addendum
    time for installation
    User Authorization File
OSI router, non-DNA
OSI transport
        for CLNS
    configuring #1
    configuring #2
    configuring #3
osi transport
    example script
OSI transport
        configuring for CLNS
        configuring for CONS
        creating #1
        creating #2
        creating #3
        creating #4
        for CLNS connections
        name #1
        name #2
osi transport entity

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