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OpenVMS I/O User's Reference Manual

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Contents (summary)
Preface Preface
Chapter 1 ACP--QIO Interface
Chapter 2 Disk Drivers
Chapter 3 Magnetic Tape Drivers
Chapter 4 Mailbox Driver
Chapter 5 Terminal Driver
Chapter 6 Pseudoterminal Driver
Chapter 7 Shadow-Set Virtual Unit Driver
Chapter 8 Using the OpenVMS Generic SCSI Class Driver
Chapter 9 Local Area Network (LAN) Device Drivers
Chapter 10 Optional Features for Improving I/O Performance
Appendix A I/O Function Codes
Appendix B IO$_DIAGNOSE Function for SCSI Class Drivers
Appendix C Tables
Appendix D Control Connection Routines


Preface Preface
Chapter 1
1 ACP--QIO Interface
     1.1     ACP Functions and Encoding
     1.2     File Information Block (FIB)
     1.3     ACP Subfunctions
         1.3.1         Directory Lookup
                Input Parameters
                Directory Entry Protection
         1.3.2         Access
                Input Parameters
         1.3.3         Extend
                Input Parameters
         1.3.4         Truncate
                Input Parameters
         1.3.5         Read/Write Attributes
                Input Parameters
     1.4     ACP-QIO Record Attributes Area
     1.5     ACP--QIO Attributes Statistics Block
     1.6     Major Functions
         1.6.1         Create File
                Input Parameters
                Disk ACP Operation
                Directory Entry Creation
                Magnetic Tape ACP Operation
         1.6.2         Access File
                Input Parameters
         1.6.3         Deaccess File
                Input Parameters
         1.6.4         Modify File
                Input Parameters
         1.6.5         Delete File
         1.6.6         Movefile Subfunction
                Calling the Movefile Subfunction
                Input Parameters
         1.6.7         Mount
         1.6.8         ACP Control
                Input Parameters
                Magnetic Tape Control Functions
                Miscellaneous Disk Control Functions
                Disk Quotas
     1.7     I/O Status Block
Chapter 2
2 Disk Drivers
     2.1     Supported Disk Devices and Controllers
         2.1.1         UDA50 UNIBUS Disk Adapter
         2.1.2         KDA50 Disk Controller
         2.1.3         KDB50 Disk Controller
         2.1.4         HSC40, HSC50, and HSC70 Controllers
         2.1.5         SII Integral Adapter
         2.1.6         KFQSA Adapter
         2.1.7         RQDX3 Disk Controller
         2.1.8         RA70 and RA90 Disk Drives
         2.1.9         RA60 Disk
         2.1.10         RA80/RB80/RM80 and RA81 Fixed-Media Disks
         2.1.11         RB02 and RL02 Cartridge Disk (VAX Only)
         2.1.12         RC25 Disk (VAX Only)
         2.1.13         RD53 and RD54 Disks (VAX Only)
         2.1.14         RF30 and RF71 Disks
         2.1.15         RK06 and RK07 Cartridge Disks (VAX Only)
         2.1.16         RM03 and RM05 Pack Disks (VAX Only)
         2.1.17         RP05 and RP06 Disk (VAX Only)
         2.1.18         RP07 Fixed-Media Disk (VAX Only)
         2.1.19         RRD40 and RRD50 Read-Only Memory (CD-ROM)
         2.1.20         RX01 Console Disk (VAX Only)
         2.1.21         RX02 Disk (VAX Only)
         2.1.22         RX23 (VAX Only)
         2.1.23         RX33 (VAX Only)
         2.1.24         RX50 (VAX Only)
         2.1.25         RZ22, RZ23, and RZ55 Disks
         2.1.26         TU58 Magnetic Tape (DECtape II)
     2.2     Driver Features
         2.2.1         Dual-Pathed Disks
         2.2.2         Dual Porting MASSBUS Disks
                Port Selection and Access Modes
                Disk Use and Restrictions
                Restriction on Dual-Ported Non-DSA Disks in a Cluster
         2.2.3         Dual-Pathed DSA Disks
         2.2.4         Dual-Porting HSC Disks
         2.2.5         Dual-Pathed RF-Series Disks
         2.2.6         Data Check
         2.2.7         Effects of a Failure During an I/O Write Operation
         2.2.8         Overlapped Seeks
         2.2.9         Error Recovery
                Skip Sectoring
         2.2.10         Logical-to-Physical Translation (RX01 and RX02)
         2.2.11         DIGITAL Storage Architecture (DSA) Devices
                Bad Block Replacement and Forced Errors for DSA Disks
         2.2.12         VAXstation 2000 and MicroVAX 2000 Disk Driver
         2.2.13         SCSI Disk Class Driver
         2.2.14         Audio Extensions to the SCSI Disk Class Driver
                $QIO Interface to Audio Functionality of the SCSI Disk Class Driver
                Defining an Audio Control Block (AUCB)
                Error Handling in Applications Using SCSI Audio Functions
                Using CD-ROM to Store Both Data and Audio Information
                Programming Audio Applications
                Application Program Example Using SCSI Audio Capabilities (VAX only)
     2.3     Disk Driver Device Information
     2.4     Disk Function Codes
         2.4.1         Read
         2.4.2         Write
         2.4.3         Sense Mode
         2.4.4         Set Density
         2.4.5         Search
         2.4.6         Pack Acknowledge
         2.4.7         Unload
         2.4.8         Available
         2.4.9         Seek
         2.4.10         Write Check
         2.4.11         Set Preferred Path
                Forcing a Path Change
                Using IO$_SETPRFPATH with Disks Dual-Pathed Between HSCs
                Using IO$_SETPRFPATH with Disks Dual-Pathed Between Systems
                Using IO$_SETPRFPATH with Disks Accessed Through MSCP Servers
                Using IO$_SETPRFPATH with Phase I Volume Shadowing
                Using IO$_SETPRFPATH with Phase II Volume Shadowing
     2.5     I/O Status Block
     2.6     Disk Driver Programming Example

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