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OpenVMS Record Management Utilities Reference Manual

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Preface Preface
Chapter 1 Analyze/RMS_File Utility
Chapter 2 Convert Utility
Chapter 3 Convert/Reclaim Utility
Chapter 4 File Definition Language Facility
Chapter 5 Create/FDL Utility
Chapter 6 Edit/FDL Utility


Preface Preface
Chapter 1
1 Analyze/RMS_File Utility
     1.1     Analyzing RMS File Structure Interactively
     1.2     Using the Analyze/RMS_File Utility with DECnet for OpenVMS
     1.3     Handling Error Conditions
         1.3.1         Nonjournaling Errors
         1.3.2         Journaling Errors
          ANALYZE/RMS_FILE Usage Summary
          ANALYZE/RMS_FILE Qualifiers
          ANALYZE/RMS_FILE Commands
          ANALYZE/RMS_FILE Examples
Chapter 2
2 Convert Utility
     2.1     Output Files
     2.2     Converting Carriage Control Formats
     2.3     Using the Convert Utility with DECnet for OpenVMS Operations
     2.4     Exception Conditions
          CONVERT Usage Summary
          CONVERT Qualifiers
Chapter 3
3 Convert/Reclaim Utility
     3.1     Using the Convert/Reclaim Utility
          CONVERT/RECLAIM Usage Summary
Chapter 4
4 File Definition Language Facility
     4.1     Overview
     4.2     ACCESS Section
         4.2.1         ANALYSIS_OF_AREA Section
     4.3     ANALYSIS_OF_KEY Section
     4.4     AREA Section
     4.5     CONNECT Section
     4.6     DATE Section
     4.7     FILE Section
     4.8     KEY Section
     4.9     NETWORK Section
     4.10     RECORD Section
     4.11     SHARING Section
     4.12     SYSTEM Section
     4.13     TITLE and IDENT Attributes
Chapter 5
5 Create/FDL Utility
     5.1     Creating FDL Files
     5.2     Methods of Creating FDL Files
     5.3     Creating Data Files
          CREATE/FDL Usage Summary
          CREATE/FDL Qualifier
Chapter 6
6 Edit/FDL Utility
     6.1     Creating FDL Files with the Edit/FDL Utility
         6.1.1         Validity Rules
          Edit/FDL Usage Summary
          EDIT/FDL Qualifiers
          EDIT/FDL Commands

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