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DEC Text Processing Utility Reference Manual

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Appendix A
Appendix A Sample DECwindows DECTPU Procedures
     A.1     Creating a Mouse Pad
     A.2     Implementing an EDT-Style APPEND Command
     A.3     Testing and Returning a Select Range
     A.4     Handling Callbacks from a Scroll Bar Widget
     A.5     Reactivating a Select Range
     A.6     Copying Selected Material from EVE to Another DECwindows Application
Appendix B
Appendix B DECTPU Messages
Appendix C
Appendix C DECTPU Cursor Behavior
     C.1     Cursor Position Compared to Editing Point
     C.2     Built-In Padding
A-1 Procedure That Creates a Mouse Pad
A-2 EVE Procedure That Implements a Variant of the EDT APPEND Command
A-3 EVE Procedure That Returns a Select Range
A-4 EVE Procedure That Handles Callbacks from a Scroll Bar Widget
A-5 EVE Procedure That Reactivates a Select Range
A-6 EVE Procedure That Implements COPY SELECTION
2-1 Screen Layout Before Using ADJUST_WINDOW
2-2 Screen Layout After Using ADJUST_WINDOW
1-1 List of DECTPU Built-In Procedures by Function
2-1 CREATE_RANGE Keyword Parameters
2-2 OpenVMS File Parse Example
2-3 GET_INFO Built-In Procedures by First Parameter
2-4 DECTPU Keywords Representing Mouse Events
2-5 Detached Cursor Flag Constants
2-6 GET_INFO (Window_Variable): Valid Keywords for the Third Parameter
2-7 Message Flag Values for MESSAGE
2-8 Message Flag Values for MESSAGE_TEXT
2-9 MODIFY_RANGE Keyword Parameters
2-10 Selected Built-In Actions with ERASE_UNMODIFIABLE Turned Off
2-11 Message Codes
2-12 Message Flag Values for SET (MESSAGE_FLAGS)
B-1 DECTPU Messages and Their Severity Levels

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