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DEC Text Processing Utility Reference Manual

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  1. With DECwindows, you can designate more than one global selection. The two most common global selections are the primary and secondary selections. A global selection can be owned by only one DECwindows application at a time.
    The GET_GLOBAL_SELECT built-in returns the data for the requested selection in the requested format. If the requested selection is not currently owned by any application, or if the owner cannot return it in the requested format, then GET_GLOBAL_SELECT returns TPU$K_UNSPECIFIED.
    If the selected information contains multiple records, the records are separated by the line-feed character (ASCII (10)).

A.4 Handling Callbacks from a Scroll Bar Widget

Example A-4 shows one of the ways an application can get values for widget resources. The procedure is based on the EVE procedure eve$scroll_dispatch. The original version is in SYS$EXAMPLES:EVE$DECWINDOWS.TPU.

The procedure eve$scroll_dispatch is the callback routine that handles callbacks from scroll bar widgets. The portion of the procedure shown here determines where to position the editing point based on how you have changed the scroll bar slider. The procedure fetches the position of the slider with the built-in GET_INFO (widget_variable, "widget_info") and positions the editing point to the line in the buffer equivalent to the slider's position in the scroll bar. For more information about the resource names used with the scroll bar widget, see the VMS DECwindows Toolkit Routines Reference Manual.

EVE uses the following constants in this procedure:

  • "increment"---The resource name for the amount that the scroll bar slider position is to be incremented or decremented when a scroll bar button is pressed.
  • "pageIncrement"---The resource name for the amount that the scroll bar slider position is to be incremented or decremented when a click occurs within the scroll bar above or below the slider.
  • "maximum"---The resource name for the maximum value of the scroll bar slider position.
  • "minimum"---The resource name for the minimum value of the scroll bar slider position.
  • "value"---The resource name for the top of the scroll bar slider position.
  • "sliderSize"---The resource name for the size of the slider.
  • 2---A constant for the callback reason code XmCR_VALUE_CHANGED. This reason code indicates that you changed the value of the scroll bar slider.
  • "closure"---An index for the array returned by GET_INFO (WIDGET, "callback_parameters", array).
  • "reason_code"---An index for the array returned by GET_INFO (WIDGET, "callback_parameters", array).
  • "widget"---An index for the array returned by GET_INFO (WIDGET, "callback_parameters", array).

Example A-4 EVE Procedure That Handles Callbacks from a Scroll Bar Widget

PROCEDURE eve$scroll_dispatch
LOCAL   status,


(1)status := GET_INFO (WIDGET, "callback_parameters", temp_array);

widget_called := temp_array {"widget;
widget_tag := temp_array {"closure"};
widget_reason := temp_array {"reason_code"};

POSITION (eve$$scroll_bar_window {widget_called});

scroll_bar_values := CREATE_ARRAY;
scroll_bar_values {"increment"} := 0;
scroll_bar_values {"pageIncrement"} := 0;
scroll_bar_values {"maximum"} := 0;
scroll_bar_values {"minimum"} := 0;
scroll_bar_values {"value"} := 0;
scroll_bar_values {"sliderSize"} := 0;

(2)status := GET_INFO (widget_called, "widget_info", scroll_bar_values);

! The deleted statements scroll the window as dictated
! by the callback reason.


CASE widget_reason


           IF (scroll_bar_values {"value"} =
               scroll_bar_values {"minimum"})
               POSITION (beginning_of (current_buffer));
(3)               POSITION (scroll_bar_values {"value"});

!      .
!      .
!      .

  1. GET_INFO (WIDGET, "callback_parameters", array) returns an array that contains the values for the current callback. The array elements are indexed by the strings "widget", "closure", and "reason_code" that reference the widget that is calling back, the widget's closure value, and the reason code for the callback.
  2. With GET_INFO (WIDGET, "widget_info", array), you can fetch information from a widget. The array parameter is indexed by the resource names associated with the specified widget. Resource names are case sensitive and the set of supported resources varies from one widget type to another. When you use GET_INFO (widget, "widget_info", array), DECTPU queries the widget for the requested information and puts the returned information in the array elements. Any previous values in the array are lost.
  3. With POSITION (integer), you can move the editing point to the record specified by the parameter integer. DECTPU interprets this parameter as a record number.

A.5 Reactivating a Select Range

Example A-5 shows one of the ways an application can use the SET (GLOBAL_SELECT) built-in. The procedure is based on the EVE procedure EVE$RESTORE_PRIMARY_SELECTION. The original version is in SYS$EXAMPLES:EVE$MOUSE.TPU.

The procedure eve$restore_primary_selection reactivates EVE's select range when you press the Ctrl/Shift/E4 key. The select range was deactivated when EVE lost the primary selection to another DECwindows application.

Example A-5 EVE Procedure That Reactivates a Select Range

PROCEDURE eve$restore_primary_selection

LOCAL   saved_position;

        eve$$restore_position (saved_position);
        eve$$restore_position (saved_position);

IF NOT eve$x_decwindows_active

saved_position := MARK (FREE_CURSOR);

IF GET_INFO (eve$$x_save_select_array, "type") = ARRAY
    CASE eve$$x_save_select_array {"type"}
            eve$select_a_range (eve$$x_save_select_array {"start"},
                                eve$$x_save_select_array {"end"});
            eve$$x_state_array {eve$$k_select_all_active} :=
            POSITION (eve$$x_save_select_array {"current"});
            POSITION (eve$$x_save_select_array {"start"});
            eve$x_select_position := select (eve$x_highlighting);
            POSITION (eve$$x_save_select_array {"end"});
            RETURN (FALSE);

    eve$$restore_position (saved_position);
    eve$$found_post_filter;             ! This is necessary if the
                                        ! cursor is outside the selection.

    eve$$x_save_select_array {"type"} := 0;
    UPDATE (current_window);

    SET (GLOBAL_SELECT, SCREEN, PRIMARY);  ! This statement
                                           ! requests ownership of
                                           ! the primary global selection.


A.6 Copying Selected Material from EVE to Another DECwindows Application

Example A-6 shows one of the ways a layered application can use the WRITE_GLOBAL_SELECT built-in. The procedure is based on the EVE procedure EVE$WRITE_GLOBAL_SELECT. The original version is in SYS$EXAMPLES:EVE$MOUSE.TPU.

The procedure implements the operation of copying selected material from DECwindows EVE to another DECwindows application.

The procedure determines what property of the primary global selection is being requested, gets the value of the appropriate property by using a GET_INFO statement or an EVE procedure, and sends the information to the requesting application.

Example A-6 EVE Procedure That Implements COPY SELECTION

PROCEDURE eve$write_global_select        ! EVE uses this procedure
                                         ! to respond to requests
                                         ! for information about
                                         ! selections.

LOCAL   saved_position,

        eve$$restore_position (saved_position);

saved_position := MARK (FREE_CURSOR);

IF NOT eve$x_decwindows_active


the_data := NONE;
temp_array := GET_INFO (SCREEN, "event", GLOBAL_SELECT);

    ! Finds out which global selection and which property
    ! of the global selection are the subject of the
    ! information request.

CASE temp_array {2}     ! Determines the property requested by the other application.

    ["STRING", "TEXT"]: ! If one of these strings is requested, the
                        ! procedure sends the text in the global
                        ! selection to the requesting application.

        CASE temp_array {1}  ! Checks which global selection was specified.

                IF eve$x_select_position <> 0
                    POSITION (GET_INFO (eve$x_select_position, "buffer"));

                    IF GET_INFO (eve$x_select_position, "type") = RANGE
                        the_data := STR (eve$x_select_position);
                        IF GET_INFO (eve$x_select_position, "type") = MARKER
                            the_data := STR (eve$select_a_range (eve$x_select_position,
                                                                 MARK (FREE_CURSOR)));
                            the_data := NONE;
                    eve$$restore_position (saved_position);
                the_data := NONE;
        the_data := NONE;       ! The procedure does not send data if
                                ! the requesting application has asked
                                ! for something other than the text,
                                ! the file name, or the line number.

WRITE_GLOBAL_SELECT (the_data);         ! This statement sends the
                                        ! requested information to
                                        ! the requesting application.


Appendix B
DECTPU Messages

This appendix presents the messages produced by DECTPU. Table B-1 lists the messages alphabetically by their abbreviations. The text of the message and its severity level appears with each abbreviation.

Table B-1 DECTPU Messages and Their Severity Levels
Abbreviation Message Severity Level
ACCVIO access violation, reason mask='xx', virtual address='xxxxxxxx', PC='xxxxxxxx', PSL='xxxxxxxx' FATAL
ADJSCROLLREG scrolling parameters altered to top: 'top', bottom: 'bottom', amount: 'amount' INFORMATIONAL
AMBIGSYMUSED ambiguous symbol 'name' used as procedure parameter INFORMATIONAL
ARGMISMATCH parameter 'number's' data type, 'type', unsupported ERROR
ASYNCACTIVE journal file prohibited with asynchronous handlers declared WARNING
ATLINE at line 'integer' INFORMATIONAL
ATPROCLINE at line 'integer' of procedure 'name' INFORMATIONAL
BACKUPERR error making backup copy of 'file-spec' ERROR
BADASSIGN target of the assignment cannot be a function/keyword ERROR
BADBUFWRITE error occurred writing buffer 'buffer name' WARNING
BADCASELIMIT CASE constant outside CASE limits ERROR
BADCHAR unrecognized character in input ERROR
BADDELETE cannot modify constant integer, keyword, or string ERROR
BADDISPVAL display value = 'integer', must be between 'integer' and 'integer' WARNING
BADFIRSTLINE first line = 'integer', must be between 'integer' and 'integer' WARNING
BADHIERARCHY invalid hierarchy identifier specified ERROR
BADJOUCHAR expected character in journal file WARNING
BADJOUCOM journaled command file was 'string', recovering with 'string' ERROR
BADJOUCPOS journaled starting character was 'integer', recovering with 'integer' ERROR
BADJOUEDIT journaled edit mode was 'string', recovering with 'string' ERROR
BADJOUEIGHT journaled eightbit was 'string', recovering with 'string' ERROR
BADJOUFILE operation terminated due to error in journal file access ERROR
BADJOUINIT journaled init file was 'string', recovering with 'string' ERROR
BADJOUINPUT journaled input file was 'string', recovering with 'string' ERROR
BADJOUKEY expected key in journal file WARNING
BADJOULINE journaled line editing was 'string', recovering with 'string' ERROR
BADJOULPOS journaled starting line was 'integer', recovering with 'integer' ERROR
BADJOUPAGE journaled page length was 'integer', recovering with 'integer' ERROR
BADJOUSEC journaled section file was 'string', recovering with 'string' ERROR
BADJOUSTR expected string in journal file WARNING
BADJOUTERM journaled terminal type was 'string', recovering with 'string' ERROR
BADJOUWIDTH journaled width was 'integer', recovering with 'integer' ERROR
BADKEY 'keyword' is an invalid keyword WARNING
BADLENGTHCHANGE terminal will not support change of length WARNING
BADLOGIC internal logic error detected FATAL
BADMARGINS margins specified incorrectly WARNING
BADPROCNAME variable used as a procedure ERROR
BADPROMPTLEN prompt area length = 'integer', must be between 'integer' and 'integer' WARNING
BADREFCNT ref count: 'ccc', zap count: 'zzz', address: 'xxxxxxxx' FATAL
BADREQUEST request "'name'" of 'name' is not understood WARNING
BADSCREENWIDTH terminal must be wider than widest window, 'integer' columns WARNING
BADSECTION bad section file ERROR
BADSTATUS return status 'xxxxxxxx' different from last signal 'xxxxxxxx' FATAL
BADSTRCNT invalid string count found in journal file WARNING
BADSYMTAB bad symbol table ERROR
BADUSERDESC descriptor from user routine invalid or memory inaccessible ERROR
BADVALUE integer value 'integer' is outside specified limits ERROR
BADWIDTHCHANGE terminal will not support change of width WARNING
BADWINDADJUST attempt to make window less than 1 line long, no adjustment WARNING
BADWINDLEN window length = 'integer', must be between 'integer' and 'integer' WARNING
BEGOFBUF attempt to move past the beginning of buffer 'buffer name' WARNING
BINARYOPER operand combination 'type' 'oper' 'type' unsupported WARNING
BITMAPREADERR could not read bitmap file 'name' ERROR
BOTLINETRUNC calculated new last line 'integer', changed to 'integer' INFORMATIONAL
BUILTININV built-in is invalid at this time ERROR
BUILTOBSOLETE built-in no longer supported. INFORMATIONAL
CALLUSERFAIL CALL_USER routine failed with status %X'status' WARNING
CANCELQUIT QUIT canceled by request WARNING
CANNOTUNSEL cannot unselect item from unselect action routine ERROR
CAPTIVE unable to create a subprocess in a captive account WARNING
CLIPBOARDFAIL unexpected clipboard failure WARNING
CLIPBOARDLOCKED clipboard is locked by another process WARNING
CLIPBOARDNODATA clipboard does not contain the requested data WARNING
CLIPBOARDZERO clipboard data has 0 length WARNING
CLOSEDIC error closing the dictionary file ERROR
CLOSEIN error closing input file 'file-spec' ERROR
CLOSEOUT error closing output file 'file-spec' ERROR
CNVERR error occurred in the conversion routine ERROR
COMPILED compilation completed without errors SUCCESS
COMPILEFAIL compilation aborted WARNING
CONSTRTOOLARGE constant string too large ERROR
CONTRADEF contradictory definition for variable or constant 'name' ERROR
CONTROLC operation aborted by Ctrl/C ERROR
CREATED file 'file-spec' created SUCCESS
CREATEFAIL unable to activate subprocess WARNING
DEBUG breakpoint at line 'integer' SUCCESS
DELETEFAIL unable to terminate subprocess WARNING
DICADD 'word' has been added to a dictionary as 'word' SUCCESS
DICDEL 'word' has been removed from 'word' of a dictionary SUCCESS
DICUPDERR error updating dictionary file ERROR
DIVBYZERO divide by zero ERROR
DUPBUFNAME buffer 'name' already exists WARNING
DUPKEYMAPLIST attempt to define a duplicate key-map list 'key-map-list-name' WARNING
DUPKEYMAP attempt to define a duplicate key map 'key-map-name' WARNING
EMPTYKMLIST key-map list 'key-map-list-name' does not contain any key maps WARNING
ENDOFBUF attempt to move past the end of buffer 'buffer name' WARNING
ERRSYMACTIVE special error symbol already active WARNING
EXECUTEFAIL execution aborted WARNING
EXITFAIL attempt to EXIT was unsuccessful WARNING
EXITING editor exiting SUCCESS
EXPCOMPLEX expression too complex ERROR
EXPECTED one of the following symbols was expected: INFORMATIONAL
EXTNOTFOUND extension 'name' not found ERROR
EXTRANEOUSARGS one or more extraneous arguments specified ERROR
FACTOOLONG facility name, 'name', exceeds maximum length 'integer' WARNING
FAILURE internal DECTPU failure detected at PC 'number' FATAL
FAILURE_STATUS facility 'name' returned failure status of 'xxxxxxxx' ERROR
FENCEPOST no visible record found in specified range WARNING
FILECONVERTED file format is being converted to a supported type ERROR
FILEIN 'count' line(s) read from file 'filename' SUCCESS
FILEOUT 'count' line(s) written to file 'filename' SUCCESS
FLAGTRUNC value of message flags exceeds maximum value 15, truncated WARNING
FREEMEM memory deallocation failure FATAL
FROMBUILTIN called from built-in 'name' INFORMATIONAL
FROMLINE called from line 'integer' INFORMATIONAL
FROMPROCLINE called from line 'integer' of procedure 'name' INFORMATIONAL
GBLSELOWNER you are the global selection owner WARNING
GETMEM memory allocation failure (Insufficient virtual memory) ERROR
HIDDEN global variable 'name' by declaration INFORMATIONAL
ICONNAMERDERR could not read the application icon name ERROR
IDMISMATCH section NOT restored, section file must be rebuilt FATAL
ILLCONDIT illegal compilation conditional ERROR
ILLEGALTYPE illegal data type ERROR
ILLPATAS pattern assignment target only valid in procedure 'name' ERROR
ILLREQUEST request "'name'" is invalid WARNING
ILLSEVERITY illegal severity of 'value' specified, error severity used WARNING
ILLSYSRECMODE invalid default system record mode ERROR
INBUILTIN occurred in built-in 'name' INFORMATIONAL
INCKWDCOM inconsistent keyword combination WARNING
INDEXTYPE array index data type, 'type', unsupported WARNING
INPUT_CANCELED input request canceled WARNING
INSVIRMEM insufficient virtual memory FATAL
INVACCESS invalid file access specified FATAL
INVBUFDELETE cannot delete a permanent buffer WARNING
INVCHARSET unrecognized character set; using default character set DEC_MCS WARNING
INVDEVTYPE invalid device type FATAL
INVFAOPARAM FAO parameter 'integer' must be string or integer WARNING
INVGBLSELDATA the selected data cannot be processed WARNING
INVINTERFACE unrecognized interface ERROR
INVIOCODE invalid Operation Code passed to an I/O operation ERROR
INVITEMCODE invalid item code specified in list FATAL
INVNUMSTR invalid numeric string WARNING
INVPARAM parameter 'number''s data type, 'type', illegal; expected 'type' ERROR
INVRANGE invalid range enclosure specified WARNING
INVTABSPEC tabs specification incorrect, not changed WARNING
INVTIME invalid time interval WARNING
INVWIDGETCLASS the widget class cannot be defined ERROR
JNLACTIVE asynchronous actions prohibited when journal file open WARNING
JNLNOTOPEN journal file not open, recovery aborted ERROR
JNLOPEN journal file already open ERROR
JOURNALBEG journal of edit session started INFORMATIONAL
JOURNALCLOSE journal file successfully closed, journaling stopped SUCCESS
JOURNALEOF end of journal file found unexpectedly WARNING
JRNLBUFBEG journaling started for buffer 'buffer name' INFORMATIONAL
JRNLNOTSAFE buffer 'buffer name' is not safe for journaling WARNING
JRNLOPENERR error opening or locking journal file 'journal-file-spec' ERROR
JRNLOPEN journal file already open for buffer 'buffer name' WARNING
KEYMAPNOTFND key map 'key-map-name' not found in key-map list 'key-map-list-name' WARNING
KEYSUPERSEDED definition of key 'name' superseded INFORMATIONAL
KEYWORDPARAM keyword 'name' used as procedure/variable/constant ERROR
LINENOTMOD attempt to change unmodifiable line(s) WARNING
LINETOOLONG line is maximum length, cannot add text to it WARNING
MAXMAPPEDBUF a single buffer can be mapped to at most 'count' window(s) WARNING
MAXVALUE maximum value is 'integer' WARNING
MINVALUE minimum value is 'integer' WARNING
MISSYMTAB missing symbol table ERROR
MIXEDTYPES operator with mixed or unsupported data types ERROR
MODRANGEMARKS MODIFY_RANGE requires either two marks or none ERROR
MOUSEINV mouse location information is invalid WARNING
MOVETOCOPYTEXT moving unmodifiable line(s) from buffer 'string' changed to copy WARNING
MOVETOCOPY move from unmodifiable buffer 'string' changed to copy WARNING
MSGBUFSET attempt to change modifiable setting of message buffer WARNING
MSGNOTFND message was not found; the default message has been returned WARNING
MULTIDEF parameter/local/constant 'name' multiply defined ERROR
MULTIPLENAMES there is more than one name matching, all are returned WARNING
MULTISELECT multiple identical CASE selectors ERROR
MUSTBECONST expression must be a compile-time constant ERROR
MUSTBEONE string must be 1 character long WARNING
NEEDFILENAME type file name for buffer 'name' (press RETURN to not write it): SUCCESS
NEEDTOASSIGN built-in must return a value ERROR
NOASSIGNMENT expression without assignment ERROR
NOBREAKPOINT no breakpoint is active WARNING
NOCACHE insufficient virtual memory to allocate a new cache ERROR
NOCALLUSER could not find a routine for CALL_USER to invoke ERROR
NOCHARREAD no character was read by the READ_CHAR built-in WARNING
NOCLA no conversion source has been specified yet WARNING
NOCOPYBUF cannot COPY a buffer to itself WARNING
NOCURRENTBUF no buffer has been selected as default WARNING
NODEFINITION key 'keyname' currently has no definition WARNING
NODICENT no entry found in a dictionary WARNING
NODICUPD the dictionary is restricting updating WARNING
NODIC no dictionary available in this editing session WARNING
NOENDOFLINE returning a range of text with no end of line SUCCESS
NOEOBSTR cannot return a string at end of buffer WARNING
NOFILEACCESS unable to access file 'name' ERROR
NOFILEROUTINE no routine specified to perform file I/O FATAL
NOFOCUSOWNER no input focus owner WARNING
NOGBLSELDATA no global selection data WARNING
NOGBLSELOWNER there is no global selection owner WARNING
NOJOURNAL editing session is not being journaled WARNING
NOKEYMAPLIST attempt to access an undefined key-map list 'key-map-list-name' WARNING
NOKEYMAP attempt to access an undefined key map 'key-map-name' WARNING
NOLICENSE DECTPU license validation failed FATAL
NONAMES there are no names matching the one requested WARNING
NOPARENT there is no parent process to attach to WARNING
NOPROCESS no subprocess to interact with WARNING
NOREDEFINE built-in procedure 'name' cannot be redefined ERROR
NORETURNVALUE built-in does not return a value ERROR
NOSELECT no select active WARNING
NOSHOWBUF variable SHOW_BUFFER does not exist or is not a buffer WARNING
NOTARRAY indexed variable is not an array WARNING
NOTDEFINABLE that key is not definable WARNING
NOTERRORKEYWORD error handler selector is not an error keyword ERROR
NOTIMPLEMENTED built-in compiled by 'name' is not implemented by 'name' ERROR
NOTJOURNAL file 'file' is not a journal file ERROR
NOTLEARNING you have not begun a learn sequence WARNING
NOTMODIFIABLE attempt to change unmodifiable buffer 'string' WARNING
NOTSAMEBUF the markers are not in the same buffer WARNING
NOTSUBCLASS object is not a subclass of WindowObjClass WARNING
NOTYET not yet implemented WARNING
NOWINDOW attempt to position the cursor outside all of the mapped windows WARNING
NULLSTRING null string used WARNING
OCCLUDED built-in/keyword 'name' occluded by declaration INFORMATIONAL
ONDELRECLIST attempt to access a record on the deleted list FATAL
ONELEARN cannot start a learn sequence while one is active WARNING
ONESELECT select already active, maximum 1 per buffer WARNING
ONOROFF parameter 'number' must be ON, OFF, true, or false ERROR
OPENDIC error opening the dictionary file ERROR
OPENIN error opening 'input-file' as input ERROR
OPENOUT error opening 'output-file' as output ERROR
OVERLAPRANGE overlapping ranges, operation terminated WARNING
PARSEFAIL error parsing 'file-spec' WARNING
PARSEOVER parser stack overflow ERROR
PREMATUREEOF premature end-of-file detected ERROR
PRESSRET press RETURN to continue... SUCCESS
PROCESSBEG subprocess activated SUCCESS
PROCESSEND subprocess terminated SUCCESS
PROCSUPERSEDED definition of procedure 'name' superseded INFORMATIONAL
QUITTING editor quitting SUCCESS
READERR error reading 'input-file-spec' ERROR
READLINEHELP DECTPU is executing the READ_LINE built-in function, enter text or cancel INFORMATIONAL
REALLYQUIT buffer modifications will not be saved, continue quitting (Y or N)? SUCCESS
REALLYRECOVER continue recovering (Y or N)? SUCCESS
RECJNLOPEN journal file open, recovery status unchanged ERROR
RECOVERABORT recovery aborted by journal file inconsistency, journal file closed WARNING
RECOVERBEG recovery started SUCCESS
RECOVERBUFBEG recovery started for buffer 'buffer name' SUCCESS
RECOVERBUFEND recovery complete for buffer 'buffer name' SUCCESS
RECOVERBUFFILE1 can not recover from file 'file name' SUCCESS
RECOVERBUFFILE2 type new specification for original input file: SUCCESS
RECOVERBUFFILE3 type new specification for inserted file: SUCCESS
RECOVERBUFFILE4 can not find inserted file 'file name' SUCCESS
RECOVEREND recovery complete SUCCESS
RECOVERFAIL recovery terminated abnormally, journal file inconsistency ERROR
RECOVERQUIT no file name specified, nothing recovered WARNING
RECURLEARN learn sequence replay halted due to recursion WARNING
REFRESH_NEEDED screen refresh needed WARNING
REGWIDDUP registration string already associated with a different widget WARNING
REPLAYFAIL an inconsistency has been discovered, halting execution WARNING
REPLAYWARNING an inconsistency has been discovered, continuing execution WARNING
REQARGSMISSING one or more required arguments missing ERROR
REQUIRESDECW feature requires the DECTPU DECwindows screen updater ERROR
REQUIRESMOTIF feature requires the DECTPU Motif screen updater ERROR
REQUIRESTERM feature requires a terminal ERROR
REQUIRESULTRIX feature not available on this operating system ERROR
REQUIRESVMS feature not available on this operating system ERROR
RESTOREFAIL error during RESTORE operation ERROR
ROUND FORWARD was rounded to the top INFORMATIONAL
SAVEAMBIGSYM saving ambiguous symbol 'name' INFORMATIONAL
SAVEERROR error during SAVE operation ERROR
SAVEUNDEFPROC saving undefined procedure 'name' INFORMATIONAL
SCANADVANCE *** Scanner advanced to "'name'" *** ERROR
SEARCHFAIL error searching for 'file-spec' WARNING
SECTRESTORED 'count' procedure(s), 'count' variable(s), 'count' key(s) restored INFORMATIONAL
SECTSAVED 'count' procedure(s), 'count' variable(s), 'count' key(s) saved SUCCESS
SECTUNDEFPROC saved 'count' undefined procedure(s), 'count' ambiguous symbol(s) WARNING
SELRANGEZERO select range has 0 length WARNING
SENDFAIL unable to send to subprocess WARNING
SOURCELINE at source line 'integer' INFORMATIONAL
STACKOVER stack overflow during compilation ERROR
STATOOLONG truncating status line to 'count' characters INFORMATIONAL
STRNOTFOUND string not found WARNING
STRTOOLARGE string greater than 65535 characters ERROR
STRTOOLNG string is too long for a conversion source ERROR
SUCCESS successful completion SUCCESS
SYMDELETE *** Error symbol deleted *** ERROR
SYMINSERT *** "'name'" inserted before error symbol *** ERROR
SYMREPLACE *** Error symbol replaced by "'name'" *** ERROR
SYMTBLFUL all symbol tables are full ERROR
SYSERROR system service error ERROR
TIMEOUT built-in timed out WARNING
TOOFEW too few arguments ERROR
TOOMANYPARAM too many formal parameters/local variables ERROR
TOOMANYRECS too many records ERROR
TOOMANY too many arguments ERROR
TOPLINETRUNC calculated new first line 'integer', changed to 1 INFORMATIONAL
TRUNCATE line truncated to 'count' characters WARNING
TYPEREDEFINE widget resource type 'name' has been redefined to data type 'name' WARNING
UIDICONERR could not read icon 'name' from UID file ERROR
UIDOPENERR could not open the specified UID file(s) ERROR
UIDWIDGETERR could not read widget 'name' from UID file ERROR
UKNFACILITY unknown facility code specified WARNING
UNARYOPER operand combination 'oper' 'type' unsupported WARNING
UNDEFINEDPROC undefined procedure call 'name' ERROR
UNDWIDCLA undefined widget class specified WARNING
UNKCSCOMP ignoring unknown compound string component WARNING
UNKESCAPE unknown escape sequence read WARNING
UNKKEYWORD an unknown keyword has been used as an argument ERROR
UNKLEXICAL unknown lexical element ERROR
UNKOPCODE unknown opcode 'value' ERROR
UNKTYPE unknown data type 'value' ERROR
UNKWNDESC unknown descriptor type ERROR
UNLINKWORKERR error unlinking work file ERROR
WIDMISMATCH parameter 'number''s class, 'class', unsupported ERROR
WINDNOTMAPPED the window is not mapped to a buffer WARNING
WINDNOTVIS built-in cannot operate on an invisible window WARNING
WORKFILEFAIL error opening the work file ERROR
WRITEERR error writing 'output-file-spec' ERROR

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