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Guide to the DEC Text Processing Utility

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1-1 DECTPU as a Base for EVE
1-2 DECTPU as a Base for User-Written Interfaces
2-1 Default File Specifications on OpenVMS Systems
2-2 Journaling Behavior Established by EVE
2-3 Character Set Values You Can Set with /CHARACTER_SET
3-1 Keywords Used for Key Names
3-2 Effects of Two String-Reduction Operations
4-1 Categories of ASCII Character Set Characters
4-2 Categories of DEC Multinational Character Set Characters
4-3 Categories for ISO Latin1 Characters
4-4 DECTPU Symbols
4-5 DECTPU Operators
4-6 Operator Precedence
5-1 Relationship Between DECTPU Data Types and DECwindows Argument Data Types
5-2 Special DECTPU Variables That Require a Value from a Layered Application
B-1 Terminal Behavior That Affects DECTPU's Performance

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