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OpenVMS Calling Standard

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Preface Preface
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 OpenVMS VAX Conventions
Chapter 3 OpenVMS Alpha Conventions
Chapter 4 OpenVMS Argument Data Types
Chapter 5 OpenVMS Argument Descriptors
Chapter 6 OpenVMS Conditions


Preface Preface
Chapter 1
1 Introduction
     1.1     Applicability
     1.2     Architectural Level
     1.3     Goals
     1.4     Definitions
Chapter 2
2 OpenVMS VAX Conventions
     2.1     Register Usage
         2.1.1         Scalar Register Usage
         2.1.2         Vector Register Usage
     2.2     Stack Usage
     2.3     Calling Sequence
     2.4     Argument List
         2.4.1         Format
         2.4.2         Argument Lists and High-Level Languages
                Order of Argument Evaluation
                Language Extensions for Argument Transmission
     2.5     Function Value Returns
         2.5.1         Returning a Function Value on Top of the Stack
                Returning a Fixed-Length or Varying String Function Value
     2.6     Vector and Scalar Processor Synchronization
         2.6.1         Memory Synchronization
         2.6.2         Exception Synchronization
Chapter 3
3 OpenVMS Alpha Conventions
     3.1     Register Usage
         3.1.1         Integer Registers
         3.1.2         Floating-Point Registers
     3.2     Address Representation
     3.3     Procedure Representation
     3.4     Procedure Types
         3.4.1         Stack Frame Procedures
         3.4.2         Procedure Descriptor for Procedures with a Stack Frame
         3.4.3         Stack Frame Format
                Fixed-Size Stack Frame
                Variable-Size Stack Frame
                Fixed Temporary Locations for All Stack Frames
                Register Save Area for All Stack Frames
         3.4.4         Register Frame Procedure
         3.4.5         Procedure Descriptor for Procedures with a Register Frame
         3.4.6         Null Frame Procedures
         3.4.7         Procedure Descriptor for Null Frame Procedures
     3.5     Procedure Signatures
         3.5.1         Call Parameter PSIG Conversions
                Native-to-Translated Code PSIG Conversions
                Translated-to-Native Code PSIG Conversions
         3.5.2         Default Procedure Signature
     3.6     Procedure Call Chain
         3.6.1         Current Procedure
         3.6.2         Procedure Call Tracing
                Referring to a Procedure Invocation from a Data Structure
                Invocation Context Block
                Getting a Procedure Invocation Context with a Routine
                Walking the Call Chain
         3.6.3         Invocation Context Access Routines
     3.7     Transfer of Control
         3.7.1         Call Conventions
         3.7.2         Linkage Section
         3.7.3         Calling Computed Addresses
         3.7.4         Bound Procedure Descriptors
                Bound Procedure Value
         3.7.5         Entry and Exit Code Sequences
                Entry Code Sequence
                Exit Code Sequence
     3.8     Data Passing
         3.8.1         Argument-Passing Mechanisms
         3.8.2         Argument List Structure
         3.8.3         Argument Lists and High-Level Languages
         3.8.4         Unused Bits in Passed Data
         3.8.5         Sending Data
                Sending Mechanism
                Order of Argument Evaluation
         3.8.6         Receiving Data
         3.8.7         Returning Data
                Function Value Return by Immediate Value
                Function Value Return by Reference
                Function Value Return by Descriptor
     3.9     Static Data
         3.9.1         Alignment
         3.9.2         Record Layout Conventions
                Aligned Record Layout
                OpenVMS VAX Compatible Record Layout
     3.10     Multithreaded Execution Environments
         3.10.1         Stack Limit Checking
                Stack Guard Region
                Stack Reserve Region
                Methods for Stack Limit Checking
                Stack Overflow Handling

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