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POLYCENTER Software Installation Utility Developer's Guide

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Preface Preface
Chapter 1 Overview
Chapter 2 Basic Concepts
Chapter 3 Creating the Product Description File
Chapter 4 Creating the Product Text File
Chapter 5 Packaging the Kit
Chapter 6 Advanced Topics
Chapter 7 Product Description Language Statements
Appendix A Migrating from VMSINSTAL to the POLYCENTER Software Installation Utility


Preface Preface
Chapter 1
1 Overview
     1.1     Features for Software Providers
     1.2     Coexistence with VMSINSTAL
     1.3     Creating an Installable Kit
         1.3.1         Plan Ahead
         1.3.2         Gather the Product Material
         1.3.3         Create a Product Description File
         1.3.4         Optionally, Create a Product Text File
         1.3.5         Package the Software Components
         1.3.6         Test and Debug the Installable Kit
         1.3.7         Example PDF and PTF for a Software Kit
Chapter 2
2 Basic Concepts
     2.1     The Product Database
         2.1.1         Querying the Product Database
     2.2     Software Product Kit Formats
     2.3     Software Product Kit Naming Conventions
         2.3.1         Sequential Format
         2.3.2         Reference Format
         2.3.3         What Do the Fields in the Name Mean?
         2.3.4         More About the Version Field
         2.3.5         What Version Information Will the OpenVMS User See?
         2.3.6         More About the Kit Type
         2.3.7         Looking at Software Product Name Examples
         2.3.8         Input and Output Versions of the PDF and PTF
     2.4     User-Defined Logical Names
     2.5     Utility Defined Logical Names
     2.6     Managed Objects
         2.6.1         Creating Managed Objects
         2.6.2         Managed Object Conflict
         2.6.3         Preventing Managed Object Conflict
         2.6.4         Managed Object Replacement and Merging
         2.6.5         Managed Object Scope and Lifetime
     2.7     Creating a Platform (Product Suite)
Chapter 3
3 Creating the Product Description File
     3.1     General Guidelines
     3.2     Defining Your Environment
     3.3     PDF File Naming Conventions
     3.4     Structure of a PDF
         3.4.1         Overview of PDL Statements
         3.4.2         PDL Statement Syntax
         3.4.3         PDL Function Syntax and Expressions
         3.4.4         PDL Data Types and Values
     3.5     Kit Types and Usage
         3.5.1         The Full Kit Type
         3.5.2         The Operating System Kit Type
         3.5.3         The Platform Kit Type
         3.5.4         The Partial Kit Type
         3.5.5         The Patch Kit Type
         3.5.6         The Mandatory Update Kit Type
         3.5.7         The Transition Kit Type
                The PCSI$REGISTER_PRODUCT.COM Command Procedure
Chapter 4
4 Creating the Product Text File
     4.1     PTF File Naming Conventions
     4.2     Structure of a PTF
         4.2.1         Specifying the Product Name
         4.2.2         PTF Modules and the Relationship with the PDF
         4.2.3         PTF Modules Not Related with the PDF
         4.2.4         Including Prompt and Help Text
Chapter 5
5 Packaging the Kit
     5.1     Description of the Product Material
     5.2     Files Required to Package the Kit
     5.3     Creating the Product Kit
     5.4     Listing the Contents of the Product Kit
     5.5     Extracting Files from the Kit
         5.5.1         Extracting Files by Name
         5.5.2         Extracting the PDF, PTF, or Release Notes
         5.5.3         Converting a Sequential Kit into Reference Format
     5.6     Displaying Information from the Product Database
Chapter 6
6 Advanced Topics
     6.1     Using Command Procedures in PDL Statements
         6.1.1         Non-Interactive and Interactive Mode
         6.1.2         Packaging a Command Procedure
         6.1.3         Logical Names for Subprocess Environments
         6.1.4         Execute Statement Summary
         6.1.5         Processing Execute Statements
     6.2     Testing and Debugging Tips
         6.2.1         The /LOG Qualifier
         6.2.2         The /TRACE Qualifier
         6.2.3         The /DEBUG=CONFLICT Qualifier
         6.2.4         Installing Your Product on Older Versions of OpenVMS
Chapter 7
7 Product Description Language Statements
     7.1     Product Description Language (PDL) Evolves Over Time
                Software Patch Kit Locations on the Internet
     7.2     PDL Conventions
     7.3     PDL Reference Section
    Command 1     account
    Command 2     apply to
    Command 3     bootstrap block (VAX only)
    Command 4     directory
    Command 5     end
    Command 6     error
    Command 7     execute abort
    Command 8     execute install...remove
    Command 9     execute login
    Command 10     execute postinstall
    Command 11     execute preconfigure
    Command 12     execute release
    Command 13     execute start...stop
    Command 14     execute test
    Command 15     execute upgrade
    Command 16     file
    Command 17     hardware device
    Command 18     hardware processor
    Command 19     if
    Command 20     infer
    Command 21     information
    Command 22     link
    Command 23     loadable image
    Command 24     logical name
    Command 25     module
    Command 26     network object
    Command 27     option
    Command 28     part
    Command 29     patch image (VAX only)
    Command 30     patch text
    Command 31     process parameter
    Command 32     process privilege
    Command 33     product
    Command 34     register module
    Command 35     remove
    Command 36     rights identifier
    Command 37     scope
    Command 38     software
    Command 39     system parameter
    Command 40     upgrade

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