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OpenVMS Programming Concepts Manual


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32-bit descriptors
32-bit item list formats
32-bit item lists
64-bit descriptors
64-bit item list formats
64-bit item lists
Absolute time
    in system format
Access and protection
Access control entries
    See ACEs
Access control lists
    See ACLs
Access entry, in argument descriptions
Access mask
Access methods, to argument data
Access modes
    effect on AST delivery
    specifying #1
    specifying #2
    with AST
Access name table
Access, physical I/O
access_bit_names data type
access_mode data type
ACEs (access control entries)
    creating #1
    creating #2
    maintaining #1
    maintaining #2
    translating #1
    translating #2
ACLs (access control lists)
    data type declarations
    implementation table
address data type
Address space
    allocating by page #1
    allocating by page #2
    allocating in zones
    deallocating by page #1
    deallocating by page #2
    deallocating by page #3
Addresses, virtual memory
address_range data type
Affinity mechanism
Affinity, types of
AI (argument information), format
AI (artificial intelligence)
Algorithms, for memory allocation
Aligning data
    on OpenVMS Alpha systems
    on OpenVMS VAX systems
    OpenVMS Alpha systems
    OpenVMS VAX
    system services
    with BLISS compiler
    with Compaq C compiler
    with Compaq Fortran compiler
    with compilers
    with MACRO-32 compiler
    with OpenVMS Debugger
    with PCA
    with tools
    with VEST translator
Alignment attribute
Alpha architecture
Alpha platforms
Alpha processors
APL (Application Programming Language)
    data type declarations
    implementation table
    graphical user interface
Area extension size
Argument information (AI) format
Argument lists #1
Argument lists #2
    for AST service routine
    for condition handler
    generic macro generated
    using macros
Argument passing
    for RTL routines
    for system services
        by descriptor
        by reference
        by value
Arguments heading
    in routine documentation
Arguments heading, in routine documentation
Arguments, mechanism vector
arg_list data type
Arithmetic exceptions, on Alpha systems
    virtual address #1
    virtual address #2
ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange)
ASSIGN command
AST routines
AST synchronization, shared data
ASTs (asynchronous system traps) #1
ASTs (asynchronous system traps) #2
ASTs (asynchronous system traps) #3
ASTs (asynchronous system traps) #4
    access mode
    blocking #1
    blocking #2
    call frame
    delivery #1
    delivery #2
    in target process
    process wait state
    reentrant code
    service routine
    shared data access
    system service
ASTs delivery
    kernel threads
ast_procedure data type
Asynchronous input/output
Asynchronous system services
Asynchronous system traps
    See ASTs
Atomic instructions, effect on synchronization
Atomic memory reference
Atomicity, definition
    Holder Hidden
    Name Hidden
    No Access
Balance set, swapping #1
Balance set, swapping #2
    Compaq BASIC for OpenVMS Alpha
    data type declarations
    implementation table
BIOLM (buffered I/O limit) quota
    data type declarations
    implementation table
BLISS compiler
    consequences of noncompliant code
Block size options
Blocking ASTs
Boolean data type
Boolean value flag
Boot CPU
Booting, an SMP system
Borders, virtual display
Boundary tags
Broadcast messages
buffer data type
Buffer object management
Buffer objects, Fast I/O
Buffered I/O, operations
buffer_length data type
BYPASS privilege
byte_signed data type
BYTLM (buffered I/O byte count) quota

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