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DECwindows Motif Guide to Application Programming

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Preface Preface
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 DECwindows Application Interface Design
Chapter 3 Helpful Hints for Creating a DECwindows Application
Chapter 4 Using the Help Widget
Chapter 5 Using the DECwindows Motif Help System
Chapter 6 Using the Color Mixing Widget
Chapter 7 Using the Print Widget
Chapter 8 Using the Compound String Text Widget
Chapter 9 Using the SVN Widget
Chapter 10 Interoperability Coding Recommendations
Appendix A Using the OpenVMS DECwTermPort Routine


Preface Preface
Chapter 1
1 Introduction
     1.1     Overview of DECwindows Motif Toolkit
         1.1.1         Toolkit Building Blocks: Widgets and Gadgets
         1.1.2         Widget Types
         1.1.3         Widgets in the OSF/Motif Toolkit
         1.1.4         Widgets Provided by Digital
         1.1.5         Toolkit Widget and Gadget Routines
         1.1.6         Application Development Tools
         1.1.7         Internationalization Using UIL and MRM
         1.1.8         Toolkit Intrinsic Routines
     1.2     Toolkit Routines Contrasted with UIL
     1.3     Toolkit Routines Contrasted with Xlib Routines
     1.4     Toolkit Programming Considerations
         1.4.1         Application Widget Hierarchy
         1.4.2         OpenVMS DECburger Application Hierarchy
         1.4.3         Form Versus Function
         1.4.4         Associating Functions with Callbacks
         1.4.5         Using Widget Attributes in Applications
                Size and Position Attributes
                Appearance Attributes
                Callback Attributes
                Assigning Values to Widget Attributes
     1.5     Using the OpenVMS DECburger Demo Application
     1.6     Non-C Language Examples for OpenVMS
Chapter 2
2 DECwindows Application Interface Design
     2.1     Designing a DECwindows Application---Where to Begin
         2.1.1         Application Design Topics
         2.1.2         Use of Callbacks
         2.1.3         Making Assumptions About Resources
         2.1.4         Selecting Appropriate Widgets
         2.1.5         Widgets in the OpenVMS DECburger Application
         2.1.6         Toolkit Intrinsic Routines Used in OpenVMS DECburger
Chapter 3
3 Helpful Hints for Creating a DECwindows Application
     3.1     Using Widgets Supplied by Digital from UIL
     3.2     XmForm Widget Hints
         3.2.1         Creating a Form Dialog Box with Children
         3.2.2         Aligning Children of Different Sizes
         3.2.3         Centering Widgets at Positions Within an XmForm Widget
         3.2.4         Spacing XmPushButtons in XmForm Widgets
     3.3     Using Default Files
     3.4     Using Default Files to Save Customized Settings
     3.5     Using Multiple Displays
         3.5.1         Using Multiple Independent Displays
         3.5.2         Using Multiple Interconnected Displays
     3.6     Creating a Cursor
     3.7     Using the XtAppAddInput Routine
     3.8     Freeing Resources Allocated Through UIL
Chapter 4
4 Using the Help Widget
     4.1     Overview of the Help Widget
         4.1.1         Invoking the Help Widget
         4.1.2         Help Widget Terminology
     4.2     OpenVMS Help Library Information
         4.2.1         OpenVMS Help Library Modules
                Accessing OpenVMS Help Library Modules
                Specifying OpenVMS Help Library Key Names
         4.2.2         OpenVMS Help Library Enhancements
     4.3     Help Widget Components
     4.4     Modifying Help Widget Appearance
         4.4.1         Modifying Help Widget Labels and Mnemonics
         4.4.2         Help Widget Messages
     4.5     Help Widget Callbacks
     4.6     Specifying Help Widget Topics
     4.7     Using the Help Widget
         4.7.1         Context-Sensitive Help
                Creating the On Context Push Button in UIL
                Entering Context-Sensitive Help Mode
         4.7.2         Specifying a Help Callback
     4.8     Creating the Help Widget with UIL
     4.9     Help Widget Implementation---C Language Module
     4.10     Using the Toolkit Help Widget Creation Routine
Chapter 5
5 Using the DECwindows Motif Help System
     5.1     Overview of the Help System
     5.2     Invoking the Help System
     5.3     Help File Information
     5.4     Help File Information---VAX DOCUMENT Example
     5.5     Context-Sensitive Help Callbacks
         5.5.1         Creating the On Context Push Button in UIL
         5.5.2         Entering Context-Sensitive Help Mode
         5.5.3         Specifying a Help Callback
     5.6     Implementing the Help System
     5.7     Help System Implementation---C Language Module
Chapter 6
6 Using the Color Mixing Widget
     6.1     Overview of the Color Mixing Widget
     6.2     Color Mixing Widget Resources
     6.3     Color Models
         6.3.1         Color Picker Model
                Color Picker Model Spectrum
                Selecting a Color Using the Color Picker Model
                Using the Interpolator
         6.3.2         HLS Color Model
         6.3.3         RGB Color Model
         6.3.4         Browser Color Model
         6.3.5         Greyscale Mixer
     6.4     Color Mixing Widget Components
         6.4.1         Scratch Pad
         6.4.2         Color Display Subwidget
         6.4.3         Color Model Option Menu Subwidget
         6.4.4         Color Mixer Subwidget
         6.4.5         Push-Button Subwidgets
         6.4.6         Label Subwidgets
         6.4.7         Work Area Subwidget
         6.4.8         Setting and Retrieving New Color Values
         6.4.9         Customizing the Color Mixing Widget
                Specifying Size
                Specifying Margins
                Labeling the Color Mixing Widget
                Defining the Background Color of the Color Display Subwidget
                Adding a Work Area to the Color Mixing Widget
                Customizing the Color Picker Color Model
     6.5     Supporting Other Color Models
         6.5.1         Replacing the Color Display Subwidget
         6.5.2         Replacing the Color Mixer Subwidget
     6.6     Associating Callbacks with a Color Mixing Widget
     6.7     Creating a Color Mixing Widget
         6.7.1         Creating a Color Mixing Widget---UIL Example
         6.7.2         Color Mixing Widget---OK Callback
         6.7.3         Color Mixing Widget---Apply Callback
         6.7.4         Color Mixing Widget---Cancel Callback
         6.7.5         Creating a Color Mixing Widget---Toolkit Example

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