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VMS DECwindows Device Driver Manual

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Preface Preface
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Common Driver/Server Interface
Chapter 3 Writing a Class Input Driver
Chapter 4 Writing a Port Input Driver
Chapter 5 Common Driver
Chapter 6 Output Driver
Appendix A Data Structures
Appendix B Device Driver Macros


Preface Preface
Chapter 1
1 Introduction
     1.1     About This Manual
     1.2     DECwindows Architecture
     1.3     DECwindows Device Drivers
         1.3.1         Features Supported by the Device Drivers
     1.4     Driver Architecture
         1.4.1         Driver/Server Interface
         1.4.2         Common Driver Function
         1.4.3         Class/Port Input Driver Function
         1.4.4         Output Driver Function
Chapter 2
2 Common Driver/Server Interface
     2.1     Driver/Server Common Buffer
         2.1.1         Input Queue and Motion History Buffer
         2.1.2         Input Queue Event Packet
         2.1.3         Queue Processing of Input
     2.2     $QIO Common Interface
     2.3     $QIO Calls to DECwindows Drivers
    Command 1     $QIO System Service
     2.4     Sense-Mode Calls
    Command 2     Get Device Information
    Command 3     Sense Cursor Bounds
    Command 4     Sense Keyboard Information
    Command 5     Sense Keyboard LED
    Command 6     Sense Motion Compression
    Command 7     Sense Operator Window Key
    Command 8     Sense Pointer Acceleration
    Command 9     Sense Pseudomouse Key
    Command 10     Sense Screen Saver Timeout
     2.5     Set-Mode Calls
    Command 11     Enable Input
    Command 12     Initialize Motion Buffer
    Command 13     Ring Keyboard Bell
    Command 14     Set Attach Screen
    Command 15     Set Cursor Bounds
    Command 16     Set Cursor Pattern
    Command 17     Set Cursor Position
    Command 18     Set Keyboard Information
    Command 19     Set Keyboard LED
    Command 20     Set Motion Compression
    Command 21     Set Operator Window Key
    Command 22     Set Pointer Acceleration
    Command 23     Set Pseudomouse Key
    Command 24     Set Screen Saver Timeout
    Command 25     Write X Event
Chapter 3
3 Writing a Class Input Driver
     3.1     Overview of Class Input Driver
     3.2     Class Driver Program Entry
     3.3     Class Input Driver Routines
    Command 26     CLASS_DDT
    Command 27     CLASS_GETNXT
    Command 28     CLASS_PUTNXT
    Command 29     Controller Initialization Routine
    Command 30     Unit Initialization Routine
Chapter 4
4 Writing a Port Input Driver
     4.1     Overview of Port Input Driver
     4.2     Port Driver Program Entry
     4.3     Port Input Driver Routines
    Command 31     PORT_ABORT
    Command 32     PORT_RESUME
    Command 33     PORT_SET_LINE
    Command 34     PORT_STARTIO
    Command 35     Controller Initialization Routine
    Command 36     Unit Initialization Routine
Chapter 5
5 Common Driver
     5.1     Overview of the Common Driver
     5.2     Common Driver Program Entry
     5.3     Common Driver Routines for Class Service
    Command 37     COMMON_POS_CURSOR
    Command 38     COMMON_SETUP_INPUT_UCB
     5.4     Common Driver Routines for Output Service
    Command 39     COMMON_SETUP_OUTPUT_UCB
    Command 40     COMMON_VSYNC
     5.5     Common Driver Vectored Data
    Command 41     COMMON_DDT
    Command 42     COMMON_FLAGS
     5.6     Common Driver FDT Routines for $QIO Service
         5.6.1         General
         5.6.2         FDT Sense-Mode Routines
         5.6.3         FDT Set-Mode Routines
         5.6.4         FDT Output Routines
         5.6.5         FDT Input Routine
Chapter 6
6 Output Driver
     6.1     Overview of the Output Driver
     6.2     Output Driver Program Entry
     6.3     Output Driver Routines
     6.4     Queue Processing of Output
     6.5     $QIO Output Interface
     6.6     $QIO Calls to the Output Driver
    Command 43     $QIO System Service
     6.7     Output $QIO Calls
    Command 44     Create GPD
    Command 45     Queue GPB
    Command 46     Packet Wait
Appendix A
Appendix A Data Structures
     A.1     Device Information Block (DVI)
     A.2     Input Buffer Control Block (INB)
     A.3     Input Packet (INP)
     A.4     Keyboard Information Block (KIB)
     A.5     Motion History Buffer (MHB)
     A.6     Unit Control Block for Input Device
         A.6.1         UCB/DECwindows Common Input Extension (DWI)
         A.6.2         UCB/DECwindows Keyboard Input Extension (DWI)
         A.6.3         UCB/DECwindows Pointer Input Extension (DWI)
     A.7     Unit Control Block for Output Device
         A.7.1         UCB/DECwindows Common Output Extension (UCB/DECW)
     A.8     Class Vector Table
     A.9     Common Vector Table
     A.10     Port Vector Table
     A.11     Output Vector Table

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