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OpenVMS Linker Utility Manual

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Chapter 5
5 Interpreting an Image Map File
     5.1     Overview
     5.2     Components of an Image Map File
         5.2.1         Object Module Synopsis
         5.2.2         Module Relocatable Reference Synopsis (VAX Linking Only)
         5.2.3         Image Section Synopsis Section
         5.2.4         Program Section Synopsis Section
         5.2.5         Symbols By Name Section
         5.2.6         Symbol Cross-Reference Section
         5.2.7         Symbols By Value Section
         5.2.8         Image Synopsis Section
         5.2.9         Link Run Statistics Section
Part 2
Part 2 LINK Command Reference
    Command 1     LINK
          Qualifier Descriptions
          /DEMAND_ZERO (Alpha Only)
          /DSF (Alpha Only)
          /GST (Alpha Only)
          /NATIVE_ONLY (Alpha Only)
          /REPLACE (Alpha Only)
          /SECTION_BINDING (Alpha Only)
          /SYSEXE (Alpha Only)
          Option Descriptions
          BASE= (VAX Only)
          SYMBOL_TABLE= (Alpha Only)
          SYMBOL_VECTOR= (Alpha Only)
          UNIVERSAL= (VAX Only)
Appendix A
Appendix A VAX Object Language
     A.1     Object Language Overview
     A.2     Header Records
         A.2.1         Main Module Header Record (MHD$C_MHD)
         A.2.2         Language Processor Name Header Record (MHD$C_LNM)
         A.2.3         Source Files Header Record (MHD$C_SRC)
         A.2.4         Title Text Header Record (MHD$C_TTL)
     A.3     Global Symbol Directory Records
         A.3.1         Program Section Definition Subrecord (GSD$C_PSC)
         A.3.2         Global Symbol Specification Subrecord (GSD$C_SYM)
             A.3.2.1             GSD Subrecord for a Symbol Definition
             A.3.2.2             GSD Subrecord for a Symbol Reference
         A.3.3         Entry-Point-Symbol-and-Mask-Definition Subrecord (GSD$C_EPM)
         A.3.4         Procedure-with-Formal-Argument-Definition Subrecord (GSD$C_PRO)
         A.3.5         Symbol-Definition-with-Word-Psect Subrecord (GSD$C_SYMW)
         A.3.6         Entry-Point-Definition-with-Word-Psect Subrecord (GSD$C_EPMW)
         A.3.7         Procedure-Definition-with-Word-Psect Subrecord (GSD$C_PROW)
         A.3.8         Entity-Ident-Consistency-Check Subrecord (GSD$C_IDC)
         A.3.9         Environment-Definition/Reference Subrecord (GSD$C_ENV)
         A.3.10         Module-Local Symbol Definition/Symbol Reference Subrecord (GSD$C_LSY)
             A.3.10.1             Module-Local Symbol Definition
             A.3.10.2             Module-Local Symbol Reference
         A.3.11         Module-Local Entry-Point-Definition Subrecord (GSD$C_LEPM)
         A.3.12         Module-Local Procedure-Definition Subrecord (GSD$C_LPRO)
         A.3.13         Program-Section-Definition-in-Shareable-Image Subrecord (GSD$C_SPSC)
         A.3.14         Vectored-Symbol-Definition Subrecord (GSD$C_SYMV)
         A.3.15         Vectored-Entry-Point-Definition Subrecord (GSD$C_EPMV)
         A.3.16         Vectored-Procedure-Definition Subrecord (GSD$C_PROV)
         A.3.17         Symbol-Definition-with-Version-Mask Subrecord (GSD$C_SYMM)
         A.3.18         Entry-Point-Definition-with-Version-Mask Subrecord (GSD$C_EPMM)
         A.3.19         Procedure-Definition-with-Version-Mask Subrecord (GSD$C_PROM)
     A.4     Text Information and Relocation Records (OBJ$C_TIR)
         A.4.1         Stack Commands
         A.4.2         Store Commands
         A.4.3         Operator Commands
         A.4.4         Control Commands
     A.5     End-of-Module Record
     A.6     End-of-Module-with-Word-Psect Record
     A.7     Debugger Information Records
     A.8     Traceback Information Records
     A.9     Link Option Specification Records

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