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OpenVMS Linker Utility Manual

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Contents (summary)
Preface Preface
Part 1 Linker Utility Description
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Understanding Symbol Resolution
Chapter 3 Understanding Image File Creation
Chapter 4 Creating Shareable Images
Chapter 5 Interpreting an Image Map File
Part 2 LINK Command Reference
Appendix A VAX Object Language
Appendix B Alpha Object Language


Preface Preface
Part 1
Part 1 Linker Utility Description
Chapter 1
1 Introduction
     1.1     Overview
         1.1.1         Linker Functions
         1.1.2         Using the Linker
     1.2     Specifying Input to the Linker
         1.2.1         Object Modules as Linker Input Files
         1.2.2         Shareable Images as Linker Input Files
                Including a Shareable Image in a Link Operation
                Installing a Shareable Image
         1.2.3         Library Files as Linker Input Files
                Creating a Library File
                Including a Library File in a Link Operation
         1.2.4         Symbol Table Files as Linker Input Files
         1.2.5         Options Files as Linker Input Files
     1.3     Specifying Linker Output Files
         1.3.1         Creating an Executable Image
         1.3.2         Creating a Shareable Image
         1.3.3         Creating a System Image
         1.3.4         Creating a Symbol Table File
         1.3.5         Creating a Map File
         1.3.6         Creating a Debug Symbol File (Alpha Images Only)
     1.4     Optimizing the Performance of Alpha Images
         1.4.1         Linker Default Image Optimizations (Alpha Images Only)
         1.4.2         Installing Images as Resident Images (Alpha Systems Only)
     1.5     Controlling a Link Operation
         1.5.1         Linker Qualifiers
         1.5.2         Link Options
     1.6     Linking for Different Architectures
Chapter 2
2 Understanding Symbol Resolution
     2.1     Overview
         2.1.1         Types of Symbols
         2.1.2         Linker Symbol Resolution Processing
     2.2     Input File Processing for Symbol Resolution
         2.2.1         Processing Object Modules
         2.2.2         Processing Shareable Images
         2.2.3         Processing Library Files
                Identifying Library Files Using the /LIBRARY Qualifier
                Including Specific Modules from a Library Using the /INCLUDE Qualifier
                Processing Default Libraries
                Open Systems Library Support
         2.2.4         Processing Input Files Selectively
     2.3     Ensuring Correct Symbol Resolution
         2.3.1         Understanding Cluster Creation
         2.3.2         Controlling Cluster Creation
                Using the CLUSTER= Option to Control Clustering
                Using the COLLECT= Option to Control Clustering
     2.4     Resolving Symbols Defined in the OpenVMS Executive
     2.5     Defining Weak and Strong Global Symbols
Chapter 3
3 Understanding Image File Creation
     3.1     Overview
     3.2     Creating Program Sections
     3.3     Creating Image Sections
         3.3.1         Processing Clusters to Create Image Sections
         3.3.2         Combining Program Sections into Image Sections
         3.3.3         Processing Significant Program Section Attributes
         3.3.4         Allocating Memory for Image Sections
         3.3.5         Image Section Attributes
         3.3.6         Controlling Image Section Creation
                Modifying Program Section Attributes
                Manipulating Cluster Creation
                Isolating a Program Section into an Image Section
     3.4     Initializing an Image
         3.4.1         Writing the Binary Contents of Image Sections
         3.4.2         Fixing Up Addresses
         3.4.3         Keeping the Size of Image Files Manageable
                Controlling Demand-Zero Image Section Creation
Chapter 4
4 Creating Shareable Images
     4.1     Overview
     4.2     Declaring Universal Symbols in VAX Shareable Images
         4.2.1         Creating Upwardly Compatible Shareable Images (VAX Linking Only)
                Creating a Transfer Vector (VAX Linking Only)
                Fixing the Location of the Transfer Vector in Your Image (VAX Linking Only)
         4.2.2         Creating Based Shareable Images (VAX Linking Only)
     4.3     Declaring Universal Symbols in Alpha Shareable Images
         4.3.1         Symbol Definitions Point to Shareable Image Psects (Alpha Linking Only)
         4.3.2         Creating Upwardly Compatible Shareable Images (Alpha Linking Only)
         4.3.3         Deleting Universal Symbols Without Disturbing Upward Compatibility (Alpha Linking Only)
         4.3.4         Creating Run-Time Kits (Alpha Linking Only)
         4.3.5         Specifying an Alias Name for a Universal Symbol (Alpha Linking Only)
         4.3.6         Improving the Performance of Installed Shareable Images (Alpha Linking Only)

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