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OpenVMS System Services Reference Manual

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Appendix A
Appendix A Obsolete Services
SYS-1 Abort Reason Codes
SYS-2 Description of$AUDIT_EVENT Types and Subtypes
SYS-3 Services That Do Not Accept Shared Page Table Regions
SYS-4 Sample Returned Values from$CREATE_REGION_64
SYS-5 User Privileges
SYS-6 Required and Optional Arguments for the$CRMPSC Service
SYS-7 Shared Page Tables
SYS-8 $DNS Item Codes and Their Data Types
SYS-9 Compatibility of Lock Modes
SYS-10 Legal QUECVT Conversions
SYS-11 $FAO Directives
SYS-12 $FAO Output Field Lengths and Fill Characters
SYS-13 Attributes of an Identifier
SYS-14 Region Summary Buffer Format
SYS-15 Format of the IEEE Floating-Point Control Register (Alpha Only)
SYS-16 Flags Used with$PROCESS_SCAN
SYS-17 Valid Function Codes
SYS-18 Item Code Summary
SYS-19 CPU Time Limit Decision Table
SYS-20 Working Set Decision Table

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