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Compaq TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS
Release Notes


Contents (summary)
Preface Preface
Chapter 1 New Features and Changes
Chapter 2 Installation, Configuration, and Startup Notes
Chapter 3 Problems and Restrictions
Chapter 4 Corrections
Chapter 5 Documentation Update
Appendix A Configuring and Managing the IMAP Server for OpenVMS Mail
Appendix B Configuring and Managing NTP
Appendix C Configuring and Managing BIND Version 9
Appendix D Advanced IPv6 Programming Socket Interface


Preface Preface
Chapter 1
1 New Features and Changes
     1.1     New Kernel Code Base
         1.1.1         IPv6 Transition Mechanism
         1.1.2         Advanced Programming Socket Interface
         1.1.3         Mobile IPv6
     1.2     NTP Version 4
     1.3     BIND Version 9
         1.3.1         BIND 9 Features
         1.3.2         BIND 8 to BIND 9 Migration
     1.4     IMAP Server
     1.5     Kerberos Enhancements to the TELNET Client and Server
         1.5.1         Kerberos Principal Names
         1.5.2         Using the Kerberos TELNET Client
                Initiating an Authenticated TELNET Connection
                TELNET Command Descriptions
         1.5.3         Configuring the Kerberos TELNET Server
                Connecting to the Kerberos TELNET Server
     1.6     Configuring Subsystem Attributes
         1.6.1         Displaying Subsystem Attributes and Values
         1.6.2         Modifying Subsystem Attributes in the System Configuration Table
                Creating a Stanza File
                Updating the System Configuration Table
         1.6.3         Modifying Subsystem Attributes at Run Time
    Command 2     sysconfig
    Command 3     sysconfigdb
     1.7     Online Help for Error Messages
     1.8     LPD Server Cluster Support
         1.8.1         Implementing Clusterwide Print Queues
         1.8.2         Using Clusterwide Print Queues
         1.8.3         Defining the LPD Spooler Directory
         1.8.4         Configuring the LPD Server
         1.8.5         Using the printcap File to Prevent Line Feed Insertion
         1.8.6         Configuring a High-Availability LPD Server
         1.8.7         Migrating to the Clusterwide LPD Server
                Migrating Configuration Options
     1.9     UNIX Services Database File
     1.10     NFS Support for Extended File Specifications