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» HP BASIC for OpenVMS on Integrity servers and AlphaServer systems fact sheet
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HP BASIC is a shareable language processor for the OpenVMS operating system.

The HP BASIC compilers for Integrity servers, AlphaServer systems, and VAX systems provide high-performance application development by generating native mode instructions.

HP BASIC for OpenVMS operating systems

» HP BASIC for OpenVMS on Integrity servers fact sheet
» HP BASIC for OpenVMS on AlphaServer systems fact sheet
» HP BASIC v3.9 for OpenVMS on VAX systems fact sheet

Develop, deploy, and manage your HP BASIC applications with various programming productivity tools such as the OpenVMS Debugger, the Language-Sensitive Editor (LSE), the Source Code Analyzer (SCA) and the Performance and Coverage Analyzer. Run your applications at peak performance on a variety of new Alpha and I64 processors.

HP BASIC is integrated into the Common Language Environment and includes:

  • Full access to OpenVMS Record Management Services (RMS)
  • IEEE floating-point data types (Alpha and I64 only)
  • String manipulation functions
  • Matrix operation functions
  • Support for OpenVMS interlanguage calling standard
  • Access to the OpenVMS system services
  • Access to the facilities of the OpenVMS Debugger
  • Callable interfaces to the OpenVMS Run-Time Library
  • Support for the Language-Sensitive Editor
  • Structured programming constructs
  • Modern programming language features
  • Program segmentation
  • Implicit or explicit storage declarations
  • Compile-time directives
  • External statement allowing access to global variables, functions, and constants, and allowing data typing of parameters to aid in minimizing run-time mismatches
  • Motif bindings support
  • Multiple line statements and multiple statement lines

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