HP OpenVMS Systems

OpenVMS System Software

HP OpenVMS Systems Software

HP OpenVMS features high-availability, scalability, security, industry-leading cluster technology and enhanced flexibility for large-scale SMP systems. More than ever, OpenVMS enables flexible response to changing business demands, and delivers on key aspects of Adaptive Enterprise now and further developments and tighter integration for the future.

HP OpenVMS Products

OpenVMS is the leading cluster operating system, featuring high availability, performance, security, eBusiness and application integration, and comprehensive system management that can be integrated into an enterprise environment.

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HP OpenVMS Operating Environments

HP simplifies software procurement, installation, and management for OpenVMS on HP Integrity servers with Operating Environment (OE) bundles. Each OE bundle includes products that create a complete environment designed for increasing levels of management, availability, and disaster tolerance.

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HP OpenVMS High Availability Information

OpenVMS offers immunity to both planned and unplanned downtime with proven, unmatched, continuous computing, including disaster-tolerant, multisite clusters spanning 500 miles — at an "open system" price.

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HP OpenVMS Solutions

OpenVMS is the acknowledged leader for enterprise-scale, bulletproof computing and continues to serve the 10 million users who rely on it. Simply put, nothing stops it! OpenVMS couples unparalleled functionality with enhanced performance, providing the high availability and reliability that your applications demand.

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HP OpenVMS Binary Compatibility

Document details the binary compatibility between OpenVMS releases, and the different expectations on the magnitude of change between releases.

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HP OpenVMS Services and Support

HP provides many services and support options for OpenVMS based systems. Information like patches, service tools, etc.

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HP OpenVMS Rolling Roadmaps

This time sensitive information is provided to facilitate customer planning processes. These roadmaps are updated every two to three months.

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HP OpenVMS Software Rollout Report

Software Public Rollout Reports for OpenVMS list the current and future availability of HP's Enterprise software products shipping on the Software Products Library kits (CDROM consolidations) for OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS VAX. The reports are updated monthly.

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HP OpenVMS Freeware

OpenVMS Engineering is sponsoring an OpenVMS Freeware CD-ROM which will contain "public domain" and "freeware" software which runs on OpenVMS VAX and OpenVMS Alpha. The purpose of the OpenVMS Freeware CD-ROM is to provide OpenVMS customers with easy access to public domain software and "free" internal HP software and tools.

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Open Source Tools

Open Source tools — ported to HP OpenVMS and available for download.

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HP OpenVMS History

Use these links to see presentations, videos, and documents prepared by OpenVMS Engineering to celebrate OpenVMS history on the occasions of the operating system's 30th anniversary in 2007, the 25th anniversary in 2002, the 20th anniversary in 1997, and the 10th anniversary in 1987. You can also download a copy of an OpenVMS history booklet from the 20th anniversary celebration and order the free 30th anniversary commemerative CD.

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